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This is a Foreclosure Cartoon, But I’m Not Laughing

I hate foreclosures.  Whether a home is old or new, big or small, in tip-top shape or in need of TLC … foreclosure stinks.  I particularly dislike foreclosures when the homeowners dutifully paid their montly mortgage payments for 10, 15, even 20 years – only to now be facing foreclosure.  

This cartoon sums up my feelings on that issue quite nicely.

Mark Stopa

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How to Defend Burglary

I am not a criminal defense lawyer, but I think I’ve encountered a foolproof way to ensure clients guilty of burglary never get charged (much less convicted)!  Apparently, all I have to do is explain to the police ”Yeah, my client broke into that home.  But don’t worry.  He works for Bank of America!” 

You see, apparently, being a bank representative gives you immunity to commit burglary in America.  You can steal laptops, IPods, cold beer … even the ashes of the homeowner’s deceased spouse … and there are no criminal charges. 

Okay, enough sarcasm.  In all seriousness, how disgusting is this?  Where are the police?  The State Attorney?  When is someone in a position of authority going to punish lawlessness for bankers just like it’s punished for everyone else in the country?   Is it really that much to ask that the law apply equally to everyone, including bankers?  Sadly, it seems so.

Mark Stopa

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