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Eliminating the Hopelessness from Foreclosure

I’ve read too many stories over recent months like this one, where a homeowner killed his spouse, then himself, after being distraught over an impending foreclosure.  Obviously this is an extreme example, but there are far too many homeowners in Florida and throughout America who are despondent, even hopeless, unaware of their rights, unsure of what to do, and/or hiding their heads in shame.  This has to stop, and it’s up to all of us to help!   

Don’t get me wrong … facing foreclosure is far from ideal.  But help is available!  Uncomfortable is a word I’d use; hopeless is not. 

Anyone reading this foreclosure blog has some knowledge of the rights that Floridians and all Americans enjoy as homeowners.  So if you know anyone facing foreclosure – or even suspect someone may be facing foreclosure – spread the word! 

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your co-workers, tell your family members, tell everyone …

Homeowners have rights! 

Foreclosure is not a reason to hide in shame! 

Facing foreclosure is uncomfortable, but not hopeless! 

Foreclosure defense attorneys are available to help! 

With knowledge comes power.  Working together, we all have the ability to empower Floridians and Americans alike by informing them of their rights and making them realize help is available.  Nobody should feel hopeless – much less resort to murder/suicide – merely because they’re facing foreclosure.

Mark Stopa

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