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Interesting Employment Applications

I receive applications for employment from all sorts of people – attorneys, paralegals, secretaries – on a regular basis.  It’s not anything I solicit – I just get them from time to time.  Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough openings for the qualified applicants who submit their resumes. 
Anyway, many of these applications are from people currently working at foreclosure mills.  It certainly seems like these applicants aren’t terribly happy in their present situations, and from what I know of the foreclosure mills, I can’t say I blame them.  
I’m certainly not going to disclose any personal information about these applicants.  However, the cover letter I just received, cut and pasted, below, was really interesting and worth the read.  It helped me feel good about the service that Stopa Law Firm provides to Florida homeowners.  If you’re an advocate for homeowners, hopefully it gives you a sense of pride as well. 
… I have worked for two foreclosure firms (one mill and one on its way to being a mill), and I am absolutely fed up with that area of law.  I told myself in the first couple of years that I worked in the first firm that it was just to get my foot in the door…get experience…but it got harder and harder to work in a place that I felt railroaded the average citizen.  I took another job in a foreclosure firm because it offered me trial experience.  Three weeks later I realized I could simply not work in foreclosure prosecution anymore.  If I see a doctor’s report detailing cancer treatments for an eight year old in a home that’s about to be foreclosed, I want to be with the firm that’s trying to make sure that child doesn’t have to deal with the stress of being removed from her home.
I want to be on the other side – the right side – of this mess.  I am attaching my resume in the hopes that you will find something on there that convinces you I could be a great fit with your firm. 
Mark Stopa

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