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The World is Watching Us

I just got interviewed by a Norwegian TV station.  As in Norway, the country.  Apparently, they’re flying to Florida on June 25 and coming to my seminar to shoot a video.  I’ll spare the details for when the story comes out, but this is a glaring illustration of an inescapable fact:


I’ve been saying for a long time there is more at stake here than backlogged court dockets and keeping Floridians in their homes.  The events happening in Florida, right now, are impacting the entire world.  The question hence becomes … How do we want to be seen?

Do we want to prove that America is a democracy, run by the people and for the people, and not just the rich and powerful?  Or do we let the richest 0.1% of our nation control everything? 

Will we show that home ownership is possible for the typical, middle-income family … or a privilege reserved only for society’s elite?

Do we turn the other cheek to obvious, widesread, institutional fraud simply because it is committed by rich and powerful bankers on Wall Street?  Or do we punish that misconduct as if it were committed by a typical American?

Do we try to conceal the institutional fraud to avoid risk of further exposure?  Or do we admit our misgivings, punish those responsible, and ensure it never happens again? 

The world is watching us.  What do you think it sees?

Mark Stopa

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