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Norway, France … does anyone care?

Less than 48 hours after finishing an interview with a Norwegian TV reporter, I had a similar interview with a French reporter today.  Many of the questions I received were remarkably similar ….

Why does misconduct by banks go unpunished? 

What is the U.S. government doing to help homeowners?

The world is catching on to the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and our government.  It all makes me wonder … Does anyone care? 

Meanwhile, what am I supposed to tell these reporters?  The American in me wants to defend our country, but if we’re being honest, there’s no defending this.  Hence, twice, now, I’ve found myself saying:

I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘too big to fail.’  Well, I fear our government thinks these banks are ‘too big for fraud.’  What results is widespread corruption and fraud that has gone unpunished.   

This is the legacy we’re leaving on the world.  Does anyone care?

Mark Stopa

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