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The Occupied Amendment

One of the biggest reasons for America’s economic plight is the incestuous relationship between American politicians and corporations. 

At present, banks, insurance companies, and other corporations influence political elections with their vast financial resources.  They spend millions … billions … that American people simply cannot.  Politicians want to win future elections, so they succomb to the whims of these corporate entities.  And hence the cycle continues – affluent corporations have a voice in politics, while typical Americans are ignored.

This is, for example, one reason bank misconduct has gone unpunished.  Too many politicians lack the guts to stand up to the banks because their financial resources have so much impact on future elections. 

Florida Congressman Ted Deutch is working to change this.  He’s proposing a constitutional amendment, i.e. the “Occupied Amendment,” which would:

– ban the ability of corporations to use their financial resources to influence elections

– clarify that corporations are not people and don’t have rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, but are regulated by the laws of this country. 

Take a look at the proposed amendment, and sign the petition.  It’s time we put banks, insurance companies, and other rich corporations in their place and help give people more input on the future of this country.

Mark Stopa

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