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Mitt Romney – Another Clueless Politician

In the most recent example of how politicians are out of touch with the American people they’re supposed to be representing, Mitt Romney just challenged Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet during a GOP debate. 

First off, the fact that Romney challenged a competitor to a bet of any amount, on live TV, is troubling enough.  I can hardly think of anything less Presidential.  What’s he going to do next, arm-wrestle? 

The amount of the bet, though, is even more troubling.  Ten thousand dollars?  Most people I know, even if they were to make a bet about something, would bet, I don’t know, twenty bucks or so.  The fact that “ten thousand dollars” rolled off Romney’s tongue so easily, at a time when he should be most guarded with his words, shows he is completely out of touch with the American public. 

For many Americans, ten thousand dollars is about three months salary.  Think about that.  Romney is so out of touch with the voters he’s trying to win over that he’ll gamble three months of their salary like it’s nothing.  

Is it really any wonder why Americans are Occupying Wall Street?

Mark Stopa

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