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Why I’m Worried About America

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely insane that I have to read Rolling Stone – a rock and roll magazine – to understand just how badly Wall Street Killed Financial Reform.  Why is nobody else, particularly in the mainstream media, talking about this?  Why do I have to read a friggin’ rock magazine to get this sort of analysis … in an election year, no less?

The answer to these questions, in my eyes, is a telling indication of how our country is circling the drain.  When nobody wants to even discuss the problems, we sure as heck aren’t likely to get a solution any time soon.  That’s okay, I suppose … so long as you’re fine with the too big to fail banks continuing to lose billions of dollars and future generations paying off the trillions in debt incurred from the incessant bailouts of the financial industry.

Mark Stopa

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