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Wanna Buy a Government-Foreclosed Home? OK. Just Bring $10,000,000.00

For reasons that should quickly become apparent, this is the most important blog I’ve ever written.  Ever.  I’m so angry that it’s difficult to write coherently, but I’ll do my best. …

I’ve often expressed my disgust at how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac frequently pay banks 100% of their judgment amounts in foreclosure cases.  It’s an appalling dynamic in foreclosure-world, one where banks often have no incentive to modify mortgages because “our” government will pay the banks in full once the foreclosure is over (and all the banks have to do is convey title to Fannie and Freddie).  Incredibly, just when I thought I couldn’t be any more appalled, somehow, my disgust with this dynamic … with “our” government … reached a new level today.

I have it on good information (directly from someone personally involved) that Fannie and Freddie are selling foreclosed homes in bulk to third-party investors.  Not one at a time, not several … dozens … at heavily discounted rates.  In other words, many of the homes in Florida and elsewhere that have been foreclosed, with lower and middle-class homeowners thrown onto the streets and title transferred to Fannie or Freddie, are being sold to third-party investors in bulk.

If you think that sounds like an interesting investment opportunity, a chance to purchase a new home after you were foreclosed, let me stop you.  Fannie and Freddie aren’t making these investments available to just anyone.  To qualify … to even get inside the door to the auction room … you must have at least $10,000,000.00 in assets, and you must be able to prove the existence of those assets via bank statements and the like.

Ten million bucks, just to get in the door.

Is this what America has become?  Throwing Americans onto the streets so “our” government pays the banks to foreclose and “our” government sells those houses in bulk at discounted rates to third-party investors with an eight-figure net worth?

Apparently so.


You know what’s arguably even worse?  Nobody is even talking about this.  No news stories.  No media coverage.  Nothing.  I mean, seriously … Would you have known about this if Mark Stopa – basically a nobody in the scope of national news and politics – hadn’t blogged about it?

Why such secrecy?  Where is the media coverage?  Where’s the outrage?  Who is running our government, exactly?  This is as big an issue as Obamacare … thousands of homeowners getting foreclosed and their homes being sold in bulk to the mega-wealthy … why is nobody even talking about it?  Is America really a land where our government takes houses from the poor and middle class and sells them in bulk at discounted rates to the mega-wealthy … and it does so completely in secret?  Does anyone care?

This is why I consider this the biggest post I’ve ever written.  This is what is driving the whole foreclosure crisis, and nobody knows about it.  Nobody’s even talking about it.  Change is not possible without awareness, and right now, all Americans are totally in the dark about this dynamic.  Well, all Americans except those who have $10,000,000.00.

May God help us all.

Mark Stopa

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