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Do Presidential Candidates Care about Foreclosure?

Are you watching the Republican National Convention, right here in Tampa?  I’m not.  I tried, honest, I did.  But all I heard were cliches and talking points with no effort to delve into the real issues.  Do you disagree?  Listen closely, and you tell me …

Do you hear anyone talking about foreclosures, or the housing crisis … or, more importantly, a solution to the mess?

Middle class America is getting foreclosed by the tens of thousands – with no better illustration of it than right here in Tampa – and the RNC is meeting right here in Tampa – yet nobody will talk about this.  How infuriating!

Make no mistake, I’m not picking on Republicans here. I’ve heard nothing from the Obama camp, either, in terms of a solution to the housing crisis that has plagued Florida and the rest of our country for many years now.  Plus, if Obama was going to do something, he’d have already done it.

So do you know what that tells me?  That neither side – Obama or Romney – intends to do a damn thing about the foreclosure crisis, in Florida or elsewhere.  How terribly ironic, because, as Bloomberg explains, that’s the issue Floridians care about, particularly in the counties like Hillsborough and Pinellas which could swing the entire presidential election.

So you can watch the RNC and the DNC if you choose.  I can’t.  When I watch, all I see is a bunch of talking-heads who don’t care enough to address the issues affecting Americans every day.  For instance … Romney’s taxes?  Who cares!?!?  He’s rich, we get it.  Can we please talk about something important – the issue Floridians wan to talk about?  Apparently not.  Sigh.

Mark Stopa

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