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Elizabeth Warren, Keeping Hope Alive

I don’t like politicizing on this blog.  No matter what I say, half of you reading this will disagree.  Today is a particularly sensitive time in that regard, as half of you are disappointed.  Heck, many of you dislike both parties, feeling like neither side is doing enough to help our housing crisis or middle class America.  I know from our chats on Facebook that many of you harbored little hope regardless of who won.

All of that said, take a look at Elizabeth Warren, Senator-elect from Massachusetts.  Put aside her Democratic party affiliation and listen to the message.  I have, and I’m not even a Democrat.  In her case, the message transcends party affiliations.  She’s been battling Wall Street for years.  She genuinely seems to care (about things besides her own enrichment).  Listen to her.  Read about her.  Google her.  Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, or independent, I’m confident you’ll like the message.  Heck, if you’re reading this blog, you probably believe in the very things she’s been saying/doing for several years.  I’m not talking about social issues like abortion, that’s not the point here.  I’m talking about battling the corruption on Wall Street.

Over the past few years, I’ve often felt like nobody in our government is doing anything to fight Wall Street.  I feel like I fight the big banks on a small scale, in Florida, but on a bigger, national scale, real change sometimes feels hopeless.  Elizabeth Warren helps keep my hope alive in that regard.  Let’s hope we see more candidates like her in future elections – from both Democrats and Republicans.

Mark Stopa

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