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Deeding your House? SCAM!!

Twice this week, I’ve had clients approach me seeking advice about companies that were promising a free house.  Here’s a summary of their “pitch”:

Let our team of lawyers fight the foreclosure.  We’ll win, get the case dismissed, and eliminate all mortgages, allowing you to have the house free and clear. 

Now for the fine print:

Sign a deed conveying title to your house into this trust, and begin paying a monthly fee while our lawyers fight the case.

Folks, if you’ve never listened to me before, listen to me now.  THIS IS A SCAM.  Please don’t fall for it.

I tried to warn consumers about these slimeballs a few months ago.  Please heed my warning.  Just don’t do it.  And remember – it is neither helpful or necessary for any Florida homeowner to deed their house to anyone, for any reason, as part of foreclosure defense.

Mark Stopa

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