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What Makes It All Worthwhile

Foreclosure defense is not always easy.  Sometimes, it’s downright maddening.  Emails like the following make it all worthwhile.  This is what it’s all about … knowing people’s lives are changed by the work we do.  This isn’t a solo effort, either – my staff joins in this …

Dear Mark,
I just want to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication in getting our foreclosure case dismissed.  Your entire staff,  from the first meeting in your office,  to your paralegals, receptionists,  and to speaking with you yesterday, has been a godsend  during a very difficult time for us.  Words cannot express our gratitude.    If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give our name and number, we will help in any way we can.   Again sir, thank you so, so much.  We wish you much success in the future.  God Bless you and your family.   You are a good man.
Sincerely, [Jane and Joe Homeowner]

Do you think the banks ever take a minute to think about the homeowners whose lives they impact with their conduct? I fear not.

What about the Congressmen considering HB87 … do you think they’re thinking about these homeowners?  Gosh, I hope so.

Mark Stopa

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