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“I’m Sorry, You’re Too Late”

It happens nearly every day.  A homeowner comes to my office with a tear-jerking story, explaining how he/she has been foreclosed.  A Final Judgment of Foreclosure was entered, but the homeowner is now ready and willing to pay Stopa Law Firm to defend the case.  “Work your magic, Mark.  We’re ready.”

There’s just one problem.  The homeowner waited too long.  There’s no magic to work – the case is over.  You see, once a Final Judgment is entered, the time to assert defenses has passed.  As a matter of procedure, those defenses are barred.  Short of a bankruptcy consultation, there’s little that can be done to stop that foreclosure.  Defenses that could have carried the day can no longer be raised.

“I’m sorry, you’re too late.”

Sometimes I fear that I perpetuate this problem by providing information on this blog.  Homeowners may think they can take the information provided here and defend a case on their own.

Please … don’t make this mistake, folks.

I could spend years educating you on how to defend your case.  It’s called law school – and that’s just the start of it.  The nuances of what to argue and how to argue it are never-ending.  Candidly, the biggest problem for pro se homeowners, in my experience, is they might know what to argue, but they have no idea when or how to argue it.

You think the bank lacked standing when it filed suit, so you bring a motion to dismiss.  Wrong.

You think the bank lacked standing when it filed suit, so when the bank moves for summary judgment, you don’t file anything, but you show up at the hearing to argue.  Wrong.

I’ve created an entire business model predicated on helping as many homeowners as possible as inexpensively as possible.  It’s called Stopa Law Firm.  If you’re waiting to retain us, please – don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  Get an experienced foreclosure defense attorney on your side before it’s too late.  Otherwise, you’ll be one of the many prospective clients calling our office only to be told:

“I’m sorry, you’re too late.”

Mark Stopa

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