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Proof of foreclosure fraud – a smoking gun

Everyone who has ever wondered what all this hoopla about foreclosure fraud is all about, please take ten minutes and read this deposition transcript from a former paralegal of David Stern (who runs one of the big foreclosure mills in Florida).  It’s truly appalling – notary fraud, assignment fraud, ex parte Orders, prosecuting foreclosures knowing it was the wrong plaintiff, signing someone else’s name on court filings, etc., etc. 

To any judge or anyone else who ever questioned whether fraud exists in foreclosure cases on a widespread basis, I dare you to deny it after you read the transcript. 

Thanks to friend and fellow foreclosure defense attorney Matt Weidner for publishing this transcript.

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Florida Default … acknowledging its own incompetence; proof of title problems

New House Title, a title insurance company owned by the same people who own Florida Default Law Group, has refused to insure title on a property which Florida Default prosecuted on behalf of JP Morgan Chase to a foreclosure judgment.  Think about that for a minute.

The owners of Florida Default won’t insure title on a property that Florida Default prosecuted to a foreclosure judgment!

If you believe in “putting your money where your mouth is,” this conduct is telling.  After all, if Florida Default was confident that it was prosecuting foreclosure cases correctly, wouldn’t it be telling everyone “of course you can insure title on this property; we did everything correctly.”  Per Kimberly Miller of the Palm Beach Post, they’re not doing that – instead, they’re telling everyone “we won’t insure title on this property, even though we foreclosed on it.”  It’s pretty clear, in my eyes, the only reason they’d be refusing to insure title is because they realize there are title problems.  In other words, Florida Default is admitting its own incompetence! 

 If you think I’m overreacting, let me ask you this:

If the people prosecuting the foreclosure don’t have confidence in the title that results from the foreclosure, then how can anyone else? 

And what’s the point of a foreclosure if there will still be title problems afterwards?  Are these foreclosure mills that hellbent on removing homeowners from their homes that they’ll foreclose but do so in such a sloppy manner that they create blighted titles? 

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