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Treat Every Day Like Christmas

I watched the movie “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell, last night.  In the movie, one of the rules for being an elf is to “Treat Every Day Like Christmas.”

It’s a bit corny, yes.  But can you imagine this in the foreclosure context?
Treat every day like Christmas.

Think about it.  At Christmas, everyone realizes how wrong it would be to foreclose on homeowners.  In years past, foreclosure sales during the holidays were cancelled, ensuring no homeowners were thrown out during the holiday season.  This year, Florida courts planned in advance, making sure no sales were even scheduled for the end of December.  No foreclosures, no sales – everyone stays in their homes.

Before the holidays pass and we all return to our normal routines, we should all take a minute and think about why this is.  Why is it that our courts don’t foreclose on homeowners during the holidays?

The answer is obvious.  Foreclosing in December is cold.  It shows a lack of compassion.  An absence of humanity.  We all have too much respect for our fellow man to do this.

Once you channel those thoughts and really understand why foreclosing over the holidays is wrong, let me ask … what makes any other time of year so much different?  Is foreclosing on January 5 really that much better than December 25?

Sure, I suppose there are instances where foreclosure is unavoidable.  However, before we all go back to our daily routines, particularly those of us in the foreclosure industry, we should all remember how we feel right now.  Just like Elf says, we should all Treat Every Day Like Christmas.


Mark Stopa

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