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Never Forget the Human Factor

I’m sad to report a heartbreaking story from Palm Beach, where a woman in foreclosure killed her two teenage children, then herself.

I didn’t know this homeowner, so I’m in no position to say whether her impending foreclosure was the impetus for this tragedy or if something else was the cause.  Regardless, this seems like a good time to remind everyone about the human aspects of foreclosure.

To varying degrees, all of our courts are guilty of ignoring the human aspects of foreclosure.  They are so consumed with adjudicating cases and reducing the number of pending suits that they forget … these are real people involved.

They’re a mom with two teenage sons struggling to keep a roof over their heads.

They’re an elderly couple living on a fixed income, hoping to stay in their home until they die.

They’re a middle-aged man who temporarily lost his job, unable to support his wife and children like he had.

With so much pressure on our courts from external forces, it can be easy to forget … these are the people we are serving.  These are the people who live in the counties where the cases are pending.  These are the people who elected the judges presiding over the cases.

So while some want to “grade” the success of the system based on how many cases have been adjudicated, I see a vastly different way to hand out grades.  Compassion.



Mark Stopa

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