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Foreclosure Seminar – Thank you

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s foreclosure seminar at the Tampa Convention Center.  To Matt Weidner, thank you for your terrific presentation and leadership in the foreclosure fight.  To my terrific staff, thanks for giving up your Saturday; it couldn’t have happened without you.  And to the hundreds of Florida homeowners who attended,  thank you for your interest, your passion, and your willingness to come out from the shadows and fight back. 

Homeowners, please keep spreading the word about the issues we discussed.  We’ve come a long way in the foreclosure fight, but most Floridians still don’t realize the rights they enjoy as homeowners or how the foreclosure process actually works.  Worse yet, many are still hiding in shame.  We just can’t let that happen any longer – if anything, the banks are the ones who should be hiding in shame.  Please help educate your friends and neighbors – not just about the process, but to hold their heads high as they fight for their rights.

If you couldn’t attend, Stopa Law Firm will be sponsoring a similar seminar in the future, so be on the lookout for that.  And thanks again to all involved.

Mark Stopa

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