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Wells Fargo – Foreclosing on Dead People

This article is disturbing on a number of levels.  Wells Fargo foreclosed on a home, then sold it to a third party, and only then did the buyers find the original homeowner, in the garage, deceased – apparently for a long time.  Before you write that off as “just one of those things,” consider this quote from the neighbor of the deceased woman:

‘The main thing I think is sad about it is that somebody could have their house foreclosed on and sold out from under them and they’re still dead inside the house. I just think that’s pretty inhumane, and it certainly says we need to change this process somehow, reach out to people a little better than that. At least make sure they’re alive before you sell their house.’

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Mark Stopa

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Foreclosure News – Mark Stopa, Matt Weidner on MSNBC

Foreclosure defense attorneys Mark Stopa and Matt Weidner appeared today, live, on The Dylan Ratigan Show.

Here is a link to the show.                   

Even with the plethora of media reports in recent months, most Florda homeowners do not defend their foreclosure cases.  That’s an absolute shame.  I really hope stories like this help homeowners realize they can’t give up – loan modifications are going to happen on a widespread basis only if homeowners fight, stand up to the banks, and advocate for change.

Mark Stopa

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