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This was a comment from a reader that I thought was worth a post all to its own:

What do we do when TRUST is irrevocably broken?? I’m not talking about the trusts that r stealing the americans assets at record speeds either. How can we ever TRUST a bank to give us the mortgage product we signed up for? How can we ever TRUST our justice system to ever look out for WE the PEOPLE and NOT just WE the banks who brought massive fraud not only against the american people but our court systems, our clerks filing systems, our credit (is all over the world-literally) and even “our” congress and senate? How can we ever believe anything they say or do? Its all been only serving the bankers and their subsideraries. How is this allowed to continue to happen— or IS everyone that corrupt? How do we ever TRUST again? How will we ever believe in a system that chopped up all of our mortgages into pieces and sold them without authority and got insurance coverages to boot? How in the world will we ever be able to trust any one of authority ever again?? How!? So perplexed, disgusted and disappointed in our entire system….where do we possibly go from here???

Debi P. Boynton bch florida

Something to ponder as you have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends in your homes.

Mark Stopa

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