Schneiderman for President?

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a statement today, below, regarding the launch of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (as he continues to distance himself from other Attorneys General throughout America who are selling themselves out for big banks). 

My immediate reaction?  FINALLY!  How refreshing!  Somebody who gets it!  Somebody in politics who realizes it will take more for America’s economy to improve than appeasing the big banks at every turn. 

Schneiderman should run for President.  Seriously.  I don’t know anything else about him, but just knowing what I know about his stance on this issue, it’s clear he can separate himself from almost every politician and appeal to a huge segment of the American public – merely by expressing a willingness to improve the economy in a real way, without just appeasing Wall Street.  And if you don’t think that’s enough to be a Presidential candidate, let me ask you – who else is there?  And what’s more important than fixing the economy (in the way set forth in his statement, below)?

I love his website, too, which says:

As Attorney General, my top priority is to restore New Yorkers’ faith in their public and private sector institutions. From cracking down on corruption in government, to rooting out fraud against taxpayers, to protecting consumers from financial crimes, and keeping our streets safe, I will work every day to build the best public law firm in the country to serve and protect all New Yorkers.

Anyone willing to crack down on corruption in government (when most won’t even acknowledge its existence) deserves recognition, regardless of his other views.  Bravo, Schneiderman, bravo. 

Here’s the statement …

 “Our office welcomes the opening of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and we look forward to working closely with the agency to advance the financial best interests of New York’s consumers. Nearly three years after the financial crisis dragged the economy into recession, there is much work to be done to restore confidence in the markets for everyday people, businesses and investors. As a watchdog holding financial institutions accountable for wrongdoing, the CFPB will play a critically important role in developing a regulatory framework that ensures consumers are protected, and our economy is not vulnerable to another financial meltdown. It is now up to the Senate to expeditiously confirm Richard Cordray as CFPB’s Director, so that the bureau can fulfill its full mandate under the law.”

Mark Stopa

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