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Stopa Law Firm started as one lawyer’s vision to provide aggressive legal representation that all clients could afford, even homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure.  Today, Stopa Law Firm represents several hundred foreclosure and bankruptcy clients and has offices throughout Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Jacksonville).  The firm remains a general civil litigation and appellate firm, but is best known for its cutting-edge foreclosure defense strategies, which have been repeatedly profiled in the media, even on a national level.  All the while, Stopa Law Firm has continually charged a small, one-time fee (unlike most of our competitors), hoping to make our services affordable to all Floridians, even those facing foreclosure and/or bankruptcy.  

At Stopa Law Firm, we believe in providing candid advice to clients, even on sensitive issues like strategic default, loan modifications, and bankruptcy.  Some foreclosure defense attorneys are uncomfortable discussing such topics, particularly in an open forum.  We’re not.  On Stopa Law Blog, we regularly discuss foreclosure defense topics, including strategic default, the loan modification process, and the role of the judiciary in the foreclosure crisis.  Our goal with these blogs is to educate the public, the media, and even judges about foreclosure-related issues (from the perspective of a foreclosure defense attorney on the front lines of the foreclosure crisis since 2008).  These blogs, in essence, boil down to one inescapable conclusion – even homeowners facing foreclosure have rights. 

If you’re searching for an attorney in Florida, be it in civil or commercial litigation, foreclosure defense, or bankruptcy, we urge you to give us a call.  Whether you’re in Tampa and Orlando or anywhere in between, we’ll be happy to coordinate a free consultation.  Let us explain our ongoing efforts to provide competent legal representation to all Florida homeowners, even those who think they can’t possibly afford a lawyer.  Meanwhile, feel free to check out the many articles on Stopa Law Blog

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