What will it take, judges?

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Monday accused GMAC of using “defective foreclosure documents” in its filings and said he ordered a moratorium “to forestall horrendous, illegal harm against homeowners.”

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Friday called GMAC’s document review process a “sham.”

In Illinois, Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she “wants to see GMAC stop the filing of foreclosures in Illinois as well until this situation can be remedied,” a spokeswoman said.

Iowa, North Carolina and Texas have also opened criminal and civil investigations into GMAC’s lending practices as well as those at other large mortgage companies, officials said.

With all of this in mind, I have to ask … What’s it going to take, judges? 

How many high-ranking officials have to speak up before you’ll stop pushing through foreclosure judgments? 

How much proof do you need? 

It’s one thing, I suppose, for homeowners to cry “fraud” – you’ve convinced yourself their cries don’t matter because the homeowners are self-interested, didn’t pay their mortgage, and are trying to stay in their homes.  But how can you “explain away” the positions of the AGs of numerous states?  What’s their self-interest? 

 I’m quite certain these AGs aren’t facing foreclosure, yet they’re appalled and disgusted at the conduct of the banks and the foreclosure mills.  Why aren’t you?

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